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Using a Pillow Correctly!

If you sleep on your back:

1. You should rest your head on the bed at the same level as your shoulders (which means you should not have a pillow under your head!).
2. Support your neck curve (lordosis) with a pillow thickness of about 1 to 1.5 inches (which means you should have a pillow under your neck!).

[When you sleep on your back, your neck doesn’t touch the bed due to neck curve called lordosis. Since your neck does not touch the bed, it hangs in air and the gravitational pull builds stress on the neck. If you are used to sleeping this way and do not realize the stress, its because you have become used to it, but suffer nevertheless. To check, try holding your hand from palm to elbow, just an inch above a surface parallel to the surface, without support, for only 10-15 minutes.]

If you sleep on yur sides:
3. You should have a pillow as thick as your shoulders are broad.

[Else your head drops down. You might have noticed, some of you keep an extra pillow by the side to use when you turn on your side, or put a hand under the pillow or fold the pillow you use.]

The pillow shouldn’t slip away and discourage you to sleep on your belly!
It should maintain natural curve of your spine, size and the requirement of softness or hardness.

Attributes Of An Ideal Pillow
A. The pillow should offer THREE thickness levels:
For your sleeping on the back
I. Zero level just under the head, so that you do not jack up your head unnaturally and rest the head on bed, same level as your shoulders.
II. ‘1 to 1.5’ inches thick to support the neck curve, so that there is no gap between the neck and bed.
For sleeping on your side
III. As thick as your shoulders are broad MINUS ‘1 to 1.5 inches, so that your head does not drop down when you sleep on your side.
B. The design of the pillow should be such that it should discourage you to sleep on your belly.
C. The pillow should not slip away from under your head, leaving your head without ergonomic support that is a must!!

Not Any More! We have Just the Right Thing for You! Neckfit
It’s Unique, Ergonomic, Patented Design sets Neckfit a class apart offering you much needed ‘THREE’ levels of thickness so that your cervical spine gets the support it needs whether you sleep on your back or sides, without having you to wake up from your sleep and adjust your pillow for height, every time you change your sleeping position.


Neckfit Classic Pillow

Neckfit keeps your posture correct in general and your neck and spine in particular.

1. What is unique about Neckfit?

Neckfit ensures your spine maintain its natural curve, when you sleep on your back!

Best pillow for sleeping on back - Neckfit

On Neckfit, when you lie on your back, your head rests at the same level as your shoulders while your neck gets support under its curve. Neckfit ensures your spine retain its natural curve, relieving you of pains you might have caught on due to wrong sleeping posture.

Neckfit ensures your spine maintain its natural curve, when you sleep on your sides!

Best pillow for side sleepers - Neckfit

The unique patented design of Neckfit ensures that your head rests higher at about 2.5 to 5.5 inches (depending on the broadness of your shoulders) from the bed or the base level of your shoulder on which you rest, maintaing natural cervical spine curve.

Neckfit helps relieve cervical spondylitis, backache, rigidity of the neck or pain in the shoulder.

2. What is unique in Neckfit’s design?

Neckfit has two stitches that run parallel to the length and width of the pillow intersecting each other in the middle. The intersection in the center is the ‘Zero’ thickness point of Neckfit and touches the surface of bed. We call the central vertical stitching the Occipital-groove and the intersection in the center, the Occipital-pit.

Pillow with the 'Occipital Pit' - Neckfit

3. What are the uses of Neckfit?

When you rest your head in the ‘Occipital-pit, your head rests at the same level as your shoulder i.e. on the bed as Neckfit has ‘NO’ thickness at this point.

Neckfit - The best pillow for head rest


Best pillow for sleeping on back - Neckfit

4. What are the best sleeping positions?

1. On the Side (Preferably left side) –

Best pillow for side sleepers - Neckfit

The best way is to sleep on left side. In this position, your head should rest nearly 2.5 to 5.5 inches higher than the bed (depending on broadness of your shoulders – measured from your ear to the wall if you are standing and side of your body i.e. arm, is touching the wall MINUS ‘1 to 1.5’ inches) else your head will tilt towards the surface of the bed.

Best pillow for side sleepers - Neckfit

2. On the Back -

Best pillow for sleeping on back - Neckfit

This is the second best sleeping position, as nobody can sleep in one position for the whole night.

Best pillow for sleeping on back - Neckfit

In this position your head and shoulder rest on the bed and your neck curve gets support under its curvature.

Belly Sleeping is Not Healthy

This is an unhealthy sleeping position and medically not recomended. Reasons –

a. Rib cage can not move freely to breathe as it gets loaded with the weight of your torso.

Belly sleeping male - Neckfit

b. Belly sleeping causes indigestion.
c. If you are sleeping on your belly, the head rests on one of your cheeks. This unnaturally twists your cervical spine and windpipe, causing pain.

Belly sleeping female

d. In women, belly sleeping is known to flatten breasts or cause breast to underdevelop in growing girls.
e. Belly sleeping also advances the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

5. Ok, but I am using my pillow for last few decades. What is wrong with it?

Your current pillow is evenly surfaced!

1. If you are using a three to four inches thick pillow,

Side effects of thick pillow

when you sleep on your back, your head is turned towards your chest. This unnaturally bends your cervical spine and may cause deformity.
2. If you use a flat pillow,

Side effects of thin pillow

Say, an inch thick or so. On thin pillows your head bends down due to inadequate height to rest your head on. This bends your spine unnaturally causing pain in cervical, shoulder, back or even lower back in some cases.

Side effects of soft pillows

Many people place their hand under the pillow to raise its height to support the head while sleeping on their sides. This causes pain in the neck and numbness of the hand. Also, this wakes you up a few times in the night and often, your neck and shoulder hurt in the morning.

Neckfit ensures sound sleep

6. So, how does Neckfit help me with these situations?

Neckfit is uniquely designed. It appears that four small pillows are stitched together or a single pillow is partitioned into four sections. Neckfit has two parallel stitchings in the middle intersecting each other at the center of the pillow.

Neckfit Classic Pillow

a. When you sleep on your side using Neckfit, your head automatically rests at height of 2.5 - 5.5 inches in alignment to your spine.

The best pillow for side sleepers - Neckfit

Neckfit doesn’t allow your head to bend downwards.
And, you achieve the best sleeping position while using Neckfit.
b. The intersection in the center creates is called the ‘Occipital-pit’. Occipital protuberance, the bony projection on the lower back of your head (about an inch or so above your neck on the back), rests on the bed when you sleep on your back, as if you are not using a pillow at all!

Neckfit - The best pillow for head rest

When you rest your head in the Occipital-pit on Neckfit, your head and shoulders are at the same level on your bed.
So you achieve the 2nd best sleeping position while using Neckfit.
c. Why is Neckfit stitched horizontally (parallel to its length) in the middle?

Please look at your head –

Shape and size of human head

Your head is much wider at the top as compared to your chin. If it is to be evenly aligned while you lay on your side, it should have enough space for the crown to sink into the pillow. But the even surfaced pillows do not have this space to accommodate the crown.

Neckfit the best pillow for side sleepers

The horizontal central stitching in the pillow, leaves a depression, allowing space for your crown to sink as required. Thus Neckfit helps you maintain correct posture of the spine even when you sleep on your side.
d. Neckfit is shaped in such a way that it doesn’t allow it to slip away from your head. Your head gets well settled in the occipital-pit, supported by the four risen sections of Neckfit from all sides. This is particulary useful for people suffering from cervical spondylosis as while asleep, the head won’t feel sudden lack of support and jerk as you change sides and the pillow too would not slip away.

Neckfit doesn't slip away

Neckfit remains under your head and neck, the whole night because of the Occipital-pit.

Neckfit helps you overcome belly-sleeping and its side effects!

7. Are there any variants of Neckfit?

Neckfit offers 4 variants –

I. Neckfit Classic:

Neckfit Classic Pillow

Suitable for all with a shallow neck curve. Your neck curve is supported when you lay flat on your back and your head rests on same level as your shoulders, that is on your bed. And when you turn to your side the pillow gently lifts your head and rests it higher in alignment to your neck, without disturbing your sleep.

Neckfit Classic is good for shoulders that are up to 5 inches broad.

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II. Neckfit Island:

Neckfit Island Pillow

Now, some of you just can’t manage to sleep, if your head is not rested higher than the bed. Consider to choose Neckfit Island if you wish to get all advantages of Neckfit Classic and your head raised while rested. It may be great for you as your head has a cushion and rests an inch or so above the surface of the bed, your neck gets support all through and your can shift to your side resting your head higher, without adjusting the pillow.

Neckfit Island is good for shoulders that are up to 5 inches broad.

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III. Neckfit Plus:

Neckfit Plus Pillow

Chose Neckfit Plus if your neck has a deep curve. Even when your curvaceous neck gets all the support it needs, your head rests on same level as your shoulders, on your bed when you sleep on your back or higher aligning your spine perfectly, whenever you shift to your sides.

Neckfit Plus supports shoulder broadness without restrictions.

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IV. Neckfit Sorpresa:

Neckfit Sorpresa

Choose Neckfit Sorpresa if your neck has a deep curve and you are not comfortable resting your head on the bed. You need to place your head higher than the bed. Even when your curvaceous neck gets all the support it needs, your head rests about 1.5 inches higher than rest of your body as you sleep on your back or higher in perfect alignment to your spine whenever you shift to your either sides.

Neckfit Sorpresa supports shoulder broadness without restrictions, unlike Neckfit Classic or Island.

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8. How do I chose the Right Size of Neckfit?

For Neckfit to fit your body type, you need to know –

1. Your Neck Length, the gap between the Occipital Protuberance - a little boney projection on lower back of your head (just an inch or so above the neck which you will feel when you move around your fingers under the hair on your scalp) and C7, which is the first outermost vertebrae on spine as the neck ends and your back starts (take your fingers down on the center of the neck from OP. C7 is the first outer most bone on the spine that your fingers feel as the neck ends and back starts).

How to choose correct size of a pillow - Neckfit

2. Broadness of Your Shoulders – which is the gap from your ear to the wall (measured when you are standing so that one of your arms is pressing into a wall making 90° angle between your body and the wall).
I. Measure the distance from Your ‘EAR to the WALL’ MINUS 1 to 1.5 inches.
II. Do NOT tilt your head left or right as you measure the broadness of your shoulders.

When you want to sleep on your side, you need a thicker pillow so that it can fill the gap from the surface of the bed up to the bed side of your head.

How to choose correct thickness of a pillow - Neckfit


Neckfit comes as ‘Soft’ and ‘Firm’.

9. Is it only for individuals with problems of the neck or spine?

No! Neckfit enables correct sleeping posture for you. Whether you are healthy or suffer from pain in the neck or spine, you can use Neckfit. The design of the pillow is apt to keep the head, neck and back in proper alignment, thereby rendering an ideal sleeping posture to the body maintaining natural spinal posture.

Human body varies in structure and so do medical condition of one individual from the other. We suggest that you chose a Neckfit type that suits your body structure and current sleeping supports you are habitual of. You may also consult an orthopadician or physiotherapist.

When you start using Neckfit, carefully notice your body’s response to it. If you feel any pain or discomfort that you can directly attribute to Neckfit, please discontinue its use immediately.

Treat Neckfit with respect! Reverence for simplicity commands it the most!!

And what, if Neckfit is not compatible with you?

Remember, you have been using your current pillow for decades. It may take a while before you are able to change your habit. So try Neckfit. Give it some time and Neckfit will become compatible with you.

10. What are the other ways to use Neckfit?


Neckfit - The best pillow for back support while sitting on a bed

Neckfit can be used for providing much needed back support while sitting on the bed,

Neckfit drives out the driving pain

driving or just while sitting.

Fit Neckfit in a small backpack

Neckfit is convenient to tuck in your travel bag, if you are going on that outstation trip.

11. What are the conditions under which Neckfit should not be used?

Neckfit can be used by anyone!

However, if you are under medical supervision for either your neck, back or spinal problems, please do consult your doctor before using Neckfit.

If your discomfort with Neckfit is initial changeover resistance of your body as you have been using your current type pillows, since the time you were a child, give Neckfit some time. Start using Neckfit for short duration and you will notice that gradually Neckfit comforts you for longer hours ultimately allowing you peaceful night long sleep.

If your body can’t find Neckfit comfortable enough, may be you have picked a wrong Neckfit type or size. Select a Neckfit variant that best suits your body type and needs.

Browse all our products and customize your Neckfit today

Please give up using your old Neckfit and think about, passing it on to someone who might find it useful.

12. Is it safe to use Neckfit?
Most people find Neckfit absolutely safe to use!
Majority of users of Neckfit, review it as not only the safe bet, but as the best bet for a soothing sleep.

Use Neckfit, overcome unhealthy belly sleeping

13. Do doctors recommend Neckfit?

Some of the best orthopedic surgeons give Neckfit a congratulatory ‘Thumbs Up’ after using it personally. For obvious reasons, we do not take their names here.

14. How to make the best use of Neckfit?

Neckfit is the preferred choice as a sleeping aid. It is apt as a travelling aid while you are on long distance journeys. Neckfit is an ideal choice for back support. Neckfit is wonderful when you watch TV or work on the laptop sitting on your bed.

Overall, Neckfit is synonymous with versatility and efficiency.

IMPORTANT – We DO NOT GUARANTEE that Neckfit will definitely comfort you or relieve pain!



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