S. Chatterjee, 50


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I and my wife both are working professionals . We had lifestyle which included lot of stress, travel and long sitting hours on laptop. We both got severely affected with back pain, which starts from shoulder, right thru the spine, down to the lower back. Our work, life and health all got affected because of the it.

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Dr. Neera Kumar, 48


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I am using Neckfit Pillows for last 10 days. I am finding Neckfit quite comfortable. I have a habit of my palm folded under the pillow to raise its level whenever I turn on my side, due to which my hand used to go numb. It used to disturb my sleep. Now, after using Neckfit I get sound sleep as there is no need for me to put my hand under the pillow because of its unique design. Moreover the pain and heaviness I used to around my Neck and shoulders, is no more. Thank you for introducing Neckfit. 

Sunil R, 40


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Now I have sound sleep even after moving positions 

S Nigam, 50


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Before we laid our hands (Or say rested our head) on Neckfit, we tried a variety of pillows, their combinations as well as we slept without a pillow for few years. Nothing worked and we had this nagging pain in our neck and shoulders. After we used Neckfit, finally we are sleeping without waking up in frequently during the night and we have no pain in the neck after we wake up. Now we can not imagine sleeping without Neckfit. 

Mukesh Srivastava, 50


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"Neckfit has taken away my ten year old pain!"

K. Venkatachalam, 30

Navi Mumbai

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"Great Product"

S. BS. Surendran

Accredited Feng Shui Master

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With my busy schedule of travel, work and long hours in front of computer the impact was on my cervical area and I was in great distress. Medication, yoga therapy all done yet the pain was recurring and after each night sleep the problem was back again. My search for the right pillow was an on going process and I had exhausted almost all national and international brands and none gave me comfort. Then I came across Neckfit and I did start with the same skepticisim. However the key people Mr Daysa and Mr Vivek were very helpful in explaining the uniqueness of their product. With proper measurements provided the right type of pillow was chosen. Yet i was not convinced but willing to give it a try. Initially I had lot of discomfort and the pain and symptoms aggrevated on using the neckfit pillow and I gave up. I spoke to Mr Vivek and he explained and convinced me to continue to use it as the neck had to regain it's shape which neck fit pillow was capable of supporting. It's over 6 months now since I got the pillow and I need to confess that the pillow is amazing and it does work. I am Thankful to neckfit team for coming outbwith a solution to my problem and I am sure many like me out there will be benefited too.