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Q.1 How would you rate "Neckfit"?*

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Q.2 Which "Neckfit" variant are you using?*

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Q.3 Do you experience pain in your neck region?*

 Yes No Sometimes

Q.4 Do you suffer from back pain?*

 Yes No Sometimes

Q.5 Have you consulted a doctor for your "NECK" pain?*

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If yes, mention the treatment you are taking

Q.6 What support you take while sleeping? *

 No pillow Pillow Flat bed for sleeping on back and pillow for sleeping on side

Q.7 How comfortable was your sleep on Neckfit?*

 I had a sound sleep Waking up 'in-between sleep' reduced Not sure

Q.8 Have you experienced any changes in your snoring habits with Neckfit?*

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Q.9 Would you like to use "Neckfit" now onwards?*

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Q.10 Would you recommend this to your friends and family?*

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Please describe your experience with Neckfit

Your experience around comfort, posture, quality of sleep and whether your morning after
sleeping on Neckfit was better than sleeping on regular pillow

I am using Neckfit whether with or without my doctor's advice purely as my decision and Novepro is not responsible in case of any physical discomfort or aggravation in my decease status. Towards this end, I indemnify Novepro fully. Also by accepting the Neckfit sample pillow, I allow Novepro to use my feedback or testimonial in any which ways they like without any obligation. I thank Novepro to select me for this user trial.

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