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How to choose the right pillow?

How to choose the right pillow?

In this world of instant coffee, instant messages, hookups and breakups, most people have had enviably long-lasting relationships with their pillows. Majority of the members of the consumerist generation is pretty keen on flaunting their materialistic purchases. Choices that pertain to maintenance of good health like medical test, dental checkups and even choices that surround diet & sleep are not paid any attention to, until a physical distress occurs! Pillows for instance, are one of the primary sleeping aids, and often a pillow and the person sleeping on it, develop a bond for life. Regardless of whether the pillow gets lumpy and loses its configuration, eventually not serving its purpose, people still continue to use it.

What all should one watch out for when choosing a pillow?

Here are the 5 C’s that needs to be kept in mind.


The human spine has two curvatures that are of paramount importance, one in the cervical region and the other in the lumbar region. Whenever these curvatures are altered by force or by faulty posture, muscular tension in the neck and lower back develops leading to stiffness and pain. But most pillows do not conform to the curvature of the neck. Often people sleep with their heads sunk really low into the pillow or with their heads at a higher level than the baseline. Predictably so, these people wake up with a stiff neck the next morning.

Most chiropractors and orthopedicians claim that the majority of patients who approach them with disorders of the neck, have been sleeping on unsuitable pillows their entire lives. Doctors advocate the use of pillows that have the ability to conform to the curvature of the neck. The pillow of choice should be ideally designed in such a way that, when a person sleeps on the back, the head is well supported and is in alignment with the baseline of the body.

A design which Neckfit has that has an Occiput groove solely for this purpose is something pretty new.

For the side sleepers, most pillows fail to snugly adapt to the curvature of the neck, but a pillow like Neckfit, ensures that the curvature of the cervical spine is not affected by a shift in position. The conformity quotient of a pillow significantly affects the amount of strain exerted on the neck muscles along with the quality of sleep and quality of the fitness level the day after. So, it is high time to take a good Look at your pillow and find out who is conforming!
Is it your body, or is it your pillow?

2. Consistency

The stuffing of a pillow determines its softness and the way it should be taken care of. The pillow fill can be anything synthetic like polyester, foam, microbeads etc. These are easier to wash and maintain and provides uniform consistency throughout.Natural fillers like feathers, cotton, wool can also be used , but maintenance becomes an issue with them. Often natural materials begin to clump over time and carry the risk of being allergic to some.Consistency, if too hard, can feel extremely uncomfortable and if the pillow is too soft, it may feel suffocating.

3. Comfort

For different people comfort could mean different things. Generally it means a feeling of pleasantness, one experiences while using a pillow. A pillow should provide support along with the adequate softness to the user. For instance, ergonomically designed pillows like Neckfit fulfills both these demands. Softness is not compromised with, in the pursuit of maintaining the correct body posture, hence enabling a sound sleep in the most healthy manner.

4. Condition

An average human spends one-third of his/her life sleeping. Sleeping is one single activity that predominates the human lifetime. It is important that the quality of sleep is well regarded. It may be worth considering to change your pillow not as frequently as you do your wadrobe, but definitely once every 2-3 years, depending on how well you and your pillow treat each others.

A pillow with synthetic fill will have more durability than the one with natural fill. So often these pillows are seen to be hanging around in our bedrooms for long. Regardless of what the pillow is made of, it should be left under sun at least once every fortnightly.

5. Compatibility

No matter what the pillow is made up of, or however medically recommended the design of the pillow is, the process of getting used to a pillow may be slow. Often people do not give up on their old pillows out of habit. A pillow like most things with repeated use becomes an inseperable part of the user’s life.

But when your pillow doesn’t serve it’s purpose, it causes more harm than good.
Opting for a new pillow, especially something as unique as Necfit, will take some amount of time to get used to. But once the user and Neckfit have fond each other to be compatible, this will be the best decision one would’ve made to enhance one’s life and health!