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Pillows are the pills of ills and lows.

Neckfit keeps your Back, Posture and Neckfit!

Hand Made by Women Folks in India

There is a Neckfit made exactly to your Needs and Size

Neckfit comes in 4 designs and more than 60 sizes
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Anything that comes in contact with your body like Shoes or glares, are good only as long as these are made to your size. So is the case with your Pillow!

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S. Chatterjee, 50


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I and my wife both are working professionals . We had lifestyle which included lot of stress, travel and long sitting hours on laptop. We both got severely affected with back pain, which starts from shoulder, right thru the spine, down to the lower back. Our work, life and health all got affected because of the it.

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Dr. Neera Kumar, 48


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I am using Neckfit Pillows for last 10 days. I am finding Neckfit quite comfortable. I have a habit of my palm folded under the pillow to raise its level whenever I turn on my side, due to which my hand used to go numb. It used to disturb my sleep. Now, after using Neckfit I get sound sleep as there is no need for me to put my hand under the pillow because of its unique design. Moreover the pain and heaviness I used to around my Neck and shoulders, is no more. Thank you for introducing Neckfit. 

Sunil R, 40


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Now I have sound sleep even after moving positions 

S Nigam, 50


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Before we laid our hands (Or say rested our head) on Neckfit, we tried a variety of pillows, their combinations as well as we slept without a pillow for few years. Nothing worked and we had this nagging pain in our neck and shoulders. After we used Neckfit, finally we are sleeping without waking up in frequently during the night and we have no pain in the neck after we wake up. Now we can not imagine sleeping without Neckfit. 

Mukesh Srivastava, 50


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"Neckfit has taken away my ten year old pain!"

Dr. Ardhra Krishna, 28


Neckfit has helped me overcome my belly sleeping which was affecting my digestion and sleep quality. 

K. Venkatachalam, 30

Navi Mumbai

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"Great Product"

S. BS. Surendran

Accredited Feng Shui Master

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With my busy schedule of travel, work and long hours in front of computer the impact was on my cervical area and I was in great distress. Medication, yoga therapy all done yet the pain was recurring and after each night sleep the problem was back again. My search for the right pillow was an on going process and I had exhausted almost all national and international brands and none gave me comfort. Then I came across Neckfit and I did start with the same skepticisim. However the key people Mr Daysa and Mr Vivek were very helpful in explaining the uniqueness of their product. With proper measurements provided the right type of pillow was chosen. Yet i was not convinced but willing to give it a try. Initially I had lot of discomfort and the pain and symptoms aggrevated on using the neckfit pillow and I gave up. I spoke to Mr Vivek and he explained and convinced me to continue to use it as the neck had to regain it's shape which neck fit pillow was capable of supporting. It's over 6 months now since I got the pillow and I need to confess that the pillow is amazing and it does work. I am Thankful to neckfit team for coming outbwith a solution to my problem and I am sure many like me out there will be benefited too.

Dr. Aditya B.P.T. CMT M.P.T. Musculoskeletal Disorders

Delhi Pain Management Center

Image Testimonial

When I first heard about this design, I immediately liked it. It has unique ability to give comfort to the neck in any position while sleeping. I started recommending to my patients and I got good feedback from them too. Anyone with or without pain can use it. 

A very big thanks to the research team for creating this design.

I wish you all goodluck!

Dr. Ashutosh Arya Ph. D (Scholar) M.P.T. (Neuro) Sr. Consultant

Holistic Touch Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinics, Delhi

Image Testimonial

It is just to ensure that I have used Neckfit on my patients, which given positive feedback from them. Neckfit can be used by patients suffering from Cervical Spondylits, Neck Pain and also helpful in removing spasm. 

So I recommend Neckfit not only to the patients of Cervical Spondylosis and neck pain, but it can be used by normal human beings also.

Dr. Deepankar Ergonomics Expert BPT MPT (Cardio) MDCP, Certified Child Birth Educator (USA)

Physio Ergo Healthcare

Image Testimonial

I must acknowledge the product of Novepro Corp (Neckfit Pillows) since they have come up with a very good pillow which is ergonomically designed and very useful for people. Neckfit should be used by everyone, whether having neck issues or not having any issues. 

All the Best Team!

Dr. Komal Dahiya Clinic Head

Nirvana Courtyard, Orthocure,

Image Testimonial

Novepro Corp, It has been a great collaboration with Neckfit. REcommended patients with Neckfit customized pillows since 2018. Received overwhelming response from patients (95%) as it helped in better sleep and reduction in cervical pain. Would like to continue this journey with Novepro Corp.

Dr. Vishwas Virmani B.P.T., M.P.Th, P.G.C.M.T., (Australia) M.I.A.P.

Sr Consultant Physiotherapist, Ortho Neuro Physiotherapy Clinic (Formerly Holy Family Hospital)

Image Testimonial

I have been using Neckfit Custom Made Cervical Pillows for nearly 18 months with awesome results. I recommend this pillow to my patients with conditions ranging from Cervical Spondylitis, DISC, Radiculopathy, Postural Stress, Curve Reversal to Muscular Spasm. 

Neckfit has given Tremendous Relief and Speedy Recovery

Furthermore, Neckfit can be used by anyone with or without spinal problems. It restores normal shape of neck spine. It is custom made.

Using this pillow on regular basis keeps the neck safe and aligned thus preventing any painful medical condition.

(Testimony is dated 19th June 2019)

Dr. Meenal Khanna (PT) Director

GoPhysio Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

Image Testimonial

As physiotherapist dealing primarily with musculoskeletal conditions I have often asked the following questions to my patients –

  1. 1.       Do you really pay attention to proper posture?
  2. 2.       Is good posture all about good sitting and standing posture?
  3. 3.       Do you really care about finding the best sleeping posture?
  4. 4.       Do you get up fresh in the morning or with stiffness or pain in the shoulder, neck or arm?
  5. 5.       Do you know that our body heals during our sleep at night from the strains that we put ourselves to during the day?

With more than two decades of clinical practice I have found that more than 90% of my patients with musculoskeletal pains have its origin from bad sleeping posture. A good pillow for appropriate neck support is extremely vital and its importance can’t be underestimated.

With Neckfit pillows which are totally tailor-made according to the structural or anatomical needs of the patients, I have been able to educate my patients about the benefits of good sleeping posture and improve the effectiveness of my treatment with biomechanical correction of especially the static posture in the sleep.

The neck pain index of patients has significantly reduced with the change of pillow to Neckfit and the effectiveness towards exercise has also significantly improved.

Proper rest is mandatory for effective functioning of our body alongwith strength and conditioning of muscles.

Dr. Nidhi Kumar, HOD

Nivaran Physiotherapy Center

Image Testimonial

From breaking the myth of not using a pillow in cervicogenic neck pain to convincing patients to use an appropriate one. Neckfit by Novepro Corp, made the task a  cakewalk. Thanks for innovating the product and giving a tailor-fit and bringing smiles to my patients' lives.

(18th June 2019)

Dr. Sanjay Chhablani

Healing Space Therapy Clinic

Image Testimonial

Novepro Corp

Thank you for introducing to Neckfit Pillows which is a great innovation solving the problem of neck pillow.

I was not able to recommend any pillow as none of them solved the problem of having the all components – neck length and shoulder broadness till I learnt about Neckfit.

I highly recommend Neckfit to every individual for good health of their spine and sound sleep.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ankit Garg B.P.T., M.S.P.T. (Ortho,)C.M.T., C.M.P., M.I.A.P.

Rejuvenation Physiotherapy Clinic

Image Testimonial

I recommend Neckfit Pillows to my patients as it is an orthosis which corrects sleeping posture. Many of my patients are using it and getting benefits in correction of sleeping posture.

Highly recommend Neckfit Pillow.

Dr. Vikram Modi (PT)

Faculty, Jammu College of Physiotherapy

Image Testimonial

Use Neckfit to Remain Fit

Nowadays everyone is encountering with neck pain or shoulder pain at any time of their lives. These are postural changes and gifts of new generation lifestyle. We cannot avoid that. But we can use correct pillow at night which can help us in relieving pain and attaining correct posture while we sleep.

We as a physiotherapist have used it to my patients. We personally found Neckfit as best corrective way for our neck and shoulder pain. We recommend use of Neckfit Pillow and feel the difference.

It can be used by all ages.

Jyoti Wadhwa B.P.T., M.P.T. (Ortho), MIAP

Physio Krafts - a Comprehensive Physiotherapy Clinic

Neckfit is designed for apt use in cervical pain cases as well as normal people too.  It works on providing proper support while sleeping either in supine or side lying by giving proper support to neck area.

As it is customized according to the size of the neck of the user, it gives best results than other pillows.

Have prescribed it to many of my patients and received positive results.

I strongly recommend Neckfit.

Dr. Sampada S Joshi B.O.T., AIOTA, C.C.E. (USA)

I am recommending my patients having neck pain, Neckfit pillows since two years. I and my patients are getting good relief.

Deepa Nair, Mumbai

I have been using Neckfit for the last two months. I saw the pillow in Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai. It was recommended by Dr. Hardic Patel from Physio department as I was doing my physiotherapy for cervical problems. 

Previously I was using a thin pillow but I was not comfortable for my side sleeping. 

The day I started using  Neckfit, I can sleep on my back as well as on my side as they have customized pillow for me. Amol from Neckfit especially came to take my measurement on Sunday.

Really appreciate their efforts to help the customers.

I will surely recommend Neckfit to people who are suffering from neck pain.

Dr. Hardik Patel, Director, Physiotherapy

Fortis Hospitals Ltd.

This is to certify that Neckfit Pillows are recommended for neck pain. Neckfit are composed to provide comfort and relaxing sleep. They are fit for people of all age groups.

Dr. Amol Ghatnekar B.D.S., Dentist

27 June 2019

I have been using the Neckfit pillow for almost a month now for a history of neck and shoulder pain (trapezitis). My neck pain after having used this pillow for a month has reduced to 50%. 

This pillow enables the one to rest the head on the bed at the same level as one's shoulders.

For best sleeping position for neck pain, always use Neckfit Pillow.

Many Many thanks to Mr. Amol for his able guidance and quick delivery of the product. 


This Reading will Change the Way You Treat Your Body and Buy Pillow

Now, you can buy the best pillow online in India!

Buying pillows was never a serious consideration, and if at all someone thought of buying a good pillow, the buying decision was based on wrong criterions like buying a hard pillow, soft pillow, thick pillow, and thin pillow, pillow for back sleeping or pillow for side sleepers, etc. No longer…

Please note that you don’t need a pillow under those parts of your body that touch the bed, e.g., your ankle, hips, shoulders or even your head, as these rest on mattress hence need no additional support. If you use a pillow under these parts of your body, you are distorting the natural curve of your spine and inviting all kinds of spine-related pains, like back pain, cervical pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, upper arm pain, etc.

When you sleep on back, most pillows extend up to under your head. This lifts the head up (a pillow should not lift the head up, as it interferes with the natural spine curve) and converts your neck curve to a straight line causing cervical spondylitis or back pain.

When you sleep on your side, and if you use a pillow of insufficient thickness NOT matching to the broadness of your shoulders, your head drops down, bending your cervical spine. To avoid it, you either use more than one pillow or fold your pillow or place your hand under the pillow to increase its height. You know, none of these options give your pillow the right height and lead to pain in the shoulder, arm, and neck.

It’s only your neck when you sleep on your back, head, and neck on your side, that do not rest on the bed. You need the support of an ergonomic pillow, which is custom made to your neck length and broadness of shoulders to give your spine perfect support so that it maintains its natural curvature, no matter whether you sleep on your back or sides, without adjusting your pillow for height even once.

Ergonomic Pillow made to your size!

Anything that comes into contact with your body, like shoes or spectacles, is only good if these are made to your body shape and size. So is the case with your pillow.

When you sleep on your back, you need a pillow only about 1-1.5 inches thick, matching the depth and length of your neck to provide it support from under it, but for your side sleeping position, you need a pillow as thick as your shoulders are broad, else your head will come down bending your neck spine unnaturally. Before you buy a pillow online in India, measure your

  1. Neck length DiCOP, the Distance between your C7 vertebrae to Occipital Protuberance and

  2. Shoulder BroadnessDEWADistance from your Ear to the Wall. For details, please click

Buy pillow online that is just one or one and a half-inch thick under your neck, perfectly matching your neck length for your sleeping on back position and as thick as your shoulders are broad for side sleeping so that you overcome cervical spondylitis, neck pain, and back pain. And if you don’t have these, you continue to get your much-deserved goodnight sleep. Without waking intermittently to adjust pillow height

Stop considering your body cheap, and don’t buy cheap pillows online. Your body is God’s best creation; treat it with the best pillow online, Neckfit that is made to your size.