About us

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The immense power of Innovation!

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. Creativity and the associated generation of ideas are very organic events. It can be a singular event that occurs in the mind of an individual, or amidst a heated discussion between like-minded individuals. Nonetheless, creativity is pretty meaningless without innovation! It is an innovation that brings an idea into existence in its tangibility. Innovation requires clarified thinking, unified efforts and specified time frames to bring something into fruition.

Who are we?

NovePro is an avant garde company, that was conceived with the vision to merge creativity with innovation while making it accessible to the common man. Simplicity is the mark of sophistication and our products showcase both such attributes. Our goal is to transcend the stereotypes, this principle is often echoed by the designs of our products. Hence,our products are unconventional in design or utility or sometimes both.

We recognize that consumers today put in a lot of thought before making their purchases. These consumers are clear about what they want and they refuse to take things at mere face value. It is this pool of informed and conscious consumerist decision making, that excites us at NovePro! We are in relentless pursuit to cater to that group of consumers who have a broad-mindedness, to appreciate novelty of thought, regardless of the shape or form.