No pain is welcome, especially back pain that sucks life and joy out of you!

There could be many causes of your back pain. Some of the common causes could be an injury to any of the vertebrae, ligaments, or unnatural compression of any nerve in the spine. One could suffer from swelling, dislocation, torn or stressed muscles, or compression of any nerve in this region. But the result is the same - pain, immobility, stiffness, and inability to attend to day-to-day productive and enjoyable activities.

No matter how you got your back pain, you may aggravate it if you do not take care of your spinal posture, more so while sleeping. A back support pillow or orthopedic back pillow for sleeping is one that prevents your spine from bending unnaturally. If your cervical spine doesn’t remain in a neutral and natural position, irrespective of your sleeping positions, your back pain would be aggravated. You have to ensure that your neck remains in a relaxed and natural shape, helping the vertebras in the thoracic spine to heal faster and overcome underlying stress factors. The best pillow for back pain is one that offers you varying thickness at different points providing much needed pillow support for back pain, supporting and destressing your neck and head, in your different sleeping positions.

You may know, the common sleeping positions are on your sides (particularly the left side) and the back. You keep changing between these sleeping positions overnight. If you wake up every time you change your position, to adjust your pillow for height, you would just not feel fresh even after spending the whole night in the bed. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to change your pillow height matching your exact need, every time you change your sleeping position.

Your spine is not a straight line when you sleep on your back. So, at some points like the sacrum region, thoracic region, it touches the bed and rests on it. But the cervical spine (neck) never touches or rests on the bed. Until you give your neck spine support from under it, gravitation builds stress, pulling vertebras down, dis-aligning your spine, causing or aggravating the pain.

If you do not use a pillow of proper thickness matching the gap between your neck, head, and the bed as you lay on your side, your head goes down, bending your spine unnaturally (converting cervical lordosis to kyphosis) downward pressurizing adjoining vertebras from thoracic region and aggravating your back pain. Common pillows, Contour pillows, and Memory Foam pillows may be an invitation to cervical pain, which may spread down your spine.

Orthopedic back pillow support for back pain is meaningless unless you use an orthopedic back pillow made to your size, i.e., matching the neck length for sleeping on back and broadness of shoulders for sleeping on the side. Neckfit is the only pillow in the world that is made exactly as per your unique body shape and size. Neckfit is a must-have back support pillow for sleeping correctly without intermittent wakeups throughout the night and overcome most of the cervical, back, neck, or shoulder pains.


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