If you are looking for the best cervical pillow, you need to know what you should look for in a good pillow.

The best cervical pillow will let your cervical spine remain in its natural curvature in different sleeping positions.

While you sleep on your back, your spine is in natural shape only when there is pillow support under the neck but not under the head. Most (or shall we say all) pillows extend well under the head. This lifts your head straightening the neck curve or turning cervical lordosis into kyphosis. Any pillow that remains more than 1.5 inches thick under the head (after the head is placed on it) is not a good cervical pillow.

You can get a very thin pillow, for sleeping on the back position but you cannot sleep in one position the whole night. The moment you turn on your sides, you need a thick pillow matching the broadness of your shoulders, else your head would not get pillow support at the height it needs. Your head will drop down bending your spine at the neck. This will cause or aggravate cervical, shoulder, back or neck pain.

If you buy a pillow as thick as your shoulders are broad, it may work well for sleeping on sides, but the moment you turn on your back, it will bend your neck the wrong way, distorting your neck curve and causing or aggravating your cervical or back pain.

The best pillow for cervical pain should

1. Only support your neck curve from under it. The pillow should be just about 1-1.5 inches thick and only as wide as your neck is long. For this, you need to measure your DiCOP, distance from C7 Vertebrae to Occipital Protuberance.

2. On sides, be as thick as your shoulders are broad. For this, measure your DEWa, distance from your Ear to Wall.

Best Cervical Pillow

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