Do you need a pillow for the shoulder?


But you definitely need to change your pillow for shoulder pain. Only a good ergonomically custom made pillow is a good shoulder pillow!

Your pillow affects the shoulders, and if you are not using an ergonomically customized pillow, chances are your pillow is the culprit for your shoulder pain and pain in the upper arm.

Not realizing the importance of an ergonomic pillow in keeping the shoulder healthy and painless, people buy a regular pillow, Memory Foam pillow, or Contour pillow, which aggravate the shoulder pain. A good customized pillow must match the length of your neck (important for sleeping on the back without causing shoulder pain) as well as the broadness of your shoulder (so that you have a made to your size, shoulder support pillow for sleeping on the sides). Common problems using common pillows –

1. People often place their pillow under the shoulders while sleeping on the back. This lifts the spine unnaturally under the shoulders and causes pain.

2. When sleeping on sides, most pillows provide insufficient thickness or height, putting pressure on the shoulders and upper arm, as the weight of the unsupported head and bent spine is borne by the shoulder.

3. When head and neck do not get the necessary support from the pillow, people tend to fill in and adjust pillow height by folding their pillow, using multiple pillows (which never give perfect height) or placing the hand under the pillow. Due to constant pressure on the upper arm, blood circulation stops, causing pain, sensitivity, and immobility of the upper hand and shoulders

What is the solution?

Buy the best pillow for shoulder pain. Buy the best pillow online that

1. Supports neck curve without unnecessarily lifting the head up, so that you don’t need to place the pillow under shoulder.

2. Is as thick as your shoulders are broad so that your head and neck do not bend down, putting unwanted load and pressure on your shoulders.

To buy a shoulder support pillow that works, measure your Neck Length or DiCOP – Distance from C7 vertebrae to Occipital Protuberance and Broadness of Shoulders of DEWa – Distance from Ear to Wall. Then buy the best pillow for the shoulder pain that corresponds to your neck and shoulder measurements. You will realize, you have not only bought the best shoulder support, but you have improved your overall quality of sleep by reducing intermittent wake-ups during the night to adjust the height of your pillow.


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