Has it ever occurred to you that people should use the only custom made pillows?

Anything that you wear on your bodies, like shoes, garments, rings or glares, should be made to your size; otherwise, these are either too loose or too tight, causing discomfort, pain and you just can’t be comfortable.

 This is exactly what happens with the wrong shape, the wrong size, and ill-fitting pillows!

 Then, what is the right way to buy Custom Pillows?

 The custom pillow should fulfill the following criteria –

1.  It should fill the gap between your neck and the bed, along the length of the neck, when you sleep on your back.

2.  It should fill the gap between your neck, head, and the bed when you sleep on your sides.

3.  It should be firm enough not to compress beyond the thickness you need and match the broadness of your shoulders for side sleeping.

4. It should be soft. A customized pillow should not hurt your delicate, stressed, or often, painful neck.

You can buy a customized pillow online here. Check your

-Neck LengthDiCOP, Distance from C7 vertebrae (the first bone on the spine as you go down the neck, at the junction of the neck and back,) to Occipital Protuberance (a tiny little bony projection on the lower back of your head just about an inch above the neck). Please look at the Eye Level, while measuring (Don’t look upward or downward).

-Shoulder BroadnessDewa, Distance from Ear to Wall. To measure,

1. Stand, pressing one side of your body into a wall, making a 90° angle between your body and wall.

2. Stretch your wall side hand in the front (don’t leave it pressed between your body and wall).

3. Keep looking parallel to the wall (you neither are facing the wall, nor your back is towards the wall).

4. Relax; don’t turn your body towards or away from the wall. Also, don’t tilt your head left or right.

Now, measure the Distance from the Ear to Wall.

Buy custom made pillow as per your neck and shoulder measurements.

When you buy a customized pillow online, it will ensure that your cervical spine remains in a neutral and natural position which otherwise you can’t mind while sleeping –

1. When you sleep on your back, a custom pillow will fill the neck curve from under it, resting shoulders and head on the bed, enabling natural spine curvature.

2. when you sleep on your sides, a custom made pillow will rest your neck, and head as high as your shoulders are broad, ensuring that your neck and head do not bend unlike with regular, contour pillows or memory foam pillows.

While using custom pillows, some people, in the beginning, may take a little time to adjust to new shape and size and may feel little pain as the pillow starts restoring the natural curvature of the spine, bringing the dis-aligned vertebras back into their original position, releasing compressed nerves, etc.

Don’t worry!

Do not push too hard to use Neckfit night long if you don’t like it after using it for some time. You could have been using your current pillow or might have suffered pain for years. It is difficult to change a lifelong habit or overcome old pain immediately.

Try using Neckfit for as long as you can, every night for 30 days, replacing it with your other pillow if you find it uncomfortable after some time. Gradually, Neckfit will restore your spine to the original natural way. Neckfit will relieve your pain and become an inseparable companion for good sleep and better health.

You can buy your customized pillow online now!


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